Dance with the Fairies Tea Party

Dance with the Fairies Tea Party
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Fairies in the Garden Tea Party

Join us for a special little ladies tea party. Anna Marie's Teas is hosting a special breakfast tea party for all of our favorite fairies! A full tea menu, served on our special china and linens. A wonderful experience for moms, grandmothers, and ladies of all ages.

Fairy Fun
Fairy crafts and fairy tip-toeing as we walk along Brenda's path in her gardens. Even our own fairies, Miss Molly and Miss Wren, will help us with our fairy crafts. Fairy wings and costumes are always welcome but not required!

The Menu
Our fairiest tea menu looks something like this: The menu is first chosen and planned around the littlest ladies. Recipes such as ants on a log and ham and cheese flowers have been enjoyed in previous years. Very kid-friendly foods. Something special just for this tea, we offer a beverage selection. Tea or lemonade will be offered.

At Every Tea Party - Our Special Touch

  • 1913 Historic Home
  • Intimate seating, old friends combined with new friends, tucked inside the 100 year old home in Downtown Liberty, Missouri. 5,000 square feet of original woodwork, fascinating history, each owner's love and impeccable maintenance are still a part of 'this old house'.
  • Seating
  • We are not a tearoom or a restaurant; Anna Marie's offers unique seating through out the first floor of the 1913 home, different sized tables and in different rooms. We will not break up your group but might need to combine smaller groups. Invite your friends and fill a whole table or look forward to possibly meeting new friends in a relaxed tea setting. Email us at with seating questions or names of people in your party. Tea tables are first come first serve so purchase tickets early.
  • Children & Babies
  • Please email us at if you will be bringing children or a baby in a car seat to one of the adult tea parties.
  • Family
  • Your loved ones and our loved ones. We are a small family and there is a good chance you might meet all of us when you come to tea in our home. We look forward to having you!

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    Questions? Email and let us know names of those to be seated with you.

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