Tea we love to serve at Easter Brunch

Easter Brunch Tea

4 boys who fell in love with Peach Apricot Honeybush. Haden, Carter (hiding behind plate), Vinny, and Weston making their way through the smorgasbord line.

How are you enjoying these early spring days?  Sometimes March can feel so…grey.  With Easter falling early this year it is nice to know spring and summer are close!

How do you spend Easter?  Here at the Teashop we love to celebrate Easter. It’s really important to us.   The Saturday before Easter as tea customers pop in they are quickly purchasing tea to serve at their own holiday meal.  The joyful atmosphere is wonderful!
Our own family gathers with an eclectic group of our loved ones – family, friends, extended friends of family….and we do a super casual Swedish style smorgasbord.
Everyone brings their own favorite dishes and we make it a meal to remember.  Of course iced and hot tea is always served.  And this is when we discovered one of our teas that EVERYONE loves… all ages – iced or hot.  Peach Apricot Honeybush.
Easter Brunch Peach Apricot HoneybushPeach Apricot Honeybush is a naturally caffeine free honeybush, filled with all kinds of fruit – peach, apricot, pineapple, papaya and rose petals.  We knew we had a winner when the adults AND kids kept coming back for more.  Rooibos is so easy to brew – very forgiving if you happen to not be a good tea timer or have the perfect water.  The leaves are tiny so a disposable T-Sac is a great way to keep your leaves from escaping.  Brew it the night before Easter and chill it in the refrigerator.  Or cold brew your iced tea anytime.  Serve from a pitcher .
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Mock Devonshire Cream

Mock Devonshire CreamOur Teaparty Favorite.  We do recommend doubling..or even tripling this batch to have plenty to go around!

Mock Devonshire Cream

    • 1/2 cup whipping cream
    • 3 Tablespoons powdered sugar
    • 1/2 cup sour cream

Beat whipping cream to form soft peaks. Gradually add in powdered sugar and sour cream. Beat until medium-stiff peaks.

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Warm and cozy.

Tea cozy

Over at the Teashop we are thoroughly enjoying this early spring!  With one of our Teashop girls graduating high school being able to start spring cleaning out in the yard is going to be a great help. But as a born and raised Missourian we know that Missouri likes to maintain the element of surprise. Yesterday, I was cleaning up my yard.  Today, I am tucked inside bundled back up reaching for my hot cup of green tea.
Chilly days remind us how much more enjoyable hot tea is when it stays hot. For life-long tea drinkers there are two reasons a good tea cozy is super important.

First, most of us like our tea either hot or iced – lukewarm is not so good.  And microwaving a cold mug of tea does change the flavor and alter the brew.  Since the late 19th century era keeping your tea hot with a tea cozy was simple and it still is today.  Green Tea is by far the growing trend in the tea world and green tea is much more challenging to keep hot.  Green tea leaves unfurl and brew at a much lower temperature then black tea so the brew tea starts off much cooler to begin with.  Covering your teapot with a cozy allows you to enjoy all that good green tea at the nice hot temperature.

British Tea CozyThe other good reason to choose a tea cozy is our custom designer fabrics and trims.  We have our tea cozies hand made by local artisans.  Brenda chooses designer fabrics and trims – which become quite a centerpiece for your kitchen and dining area.  Yet several are kitchen-whimsical or unusual like the camouflage.

Starting this week we are celebrating with a March Madness sale!  20% Off of all cozies and snuggles.  Follow us on FB as we post our tea cozies.  If you see one that fits your kitchen, office, or personality – send us a message and we can save it or ship it to you!  Remember most are one of a kind !

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