Tea Tins that Spark Joy

Re-purposing Tea Tins

Brenda’s “joy spark” table arrangement from the Tea in Paris August 27.

Over here at the Teashop we are buzzing like bees this week.  Our To-Do List contains beautiful things that spark joy in our family.  Preparing our beautiful 1928 Dutch Colonial bungalow to sell is Brenda’s job.   Uploading the brand new 2016 Byers’ Choice Carolers onto the website is Selena’s job.  ALL OF US are super excited to be in the final stages of the first round of our new tea tins.

A beautiful tea tin sparks joy to the Tea Enthusiast. Like opening a present every day, scooping tea from a favorite tea tin is like opening a special gift every time you brew a cuppa.  But after the tea leaves are gone what to do with the beautiful tin….

Re-purposing every day items in new ways is more then just a trendy lifestyle.

Re-purposing is loving what you love, knowing what you love, and using what you love.  Your tea tin collection is no exception.

Tea tins make gorgeous vases, cupboard and drawer organizers, and a unique way to gift wrap.  Use your tea tin to house flowers and herbs from your garden.  Grace your dinner table with a bouquet of herbs.  Use your tea tin to wrap up a small gift, money, or a boring old gift cards.  Tuck your present and a note inside.

Keep and use those beautiful tins simply because of the joy that sparks inside of you!

The possibilities are endless when it comes to re-using tea tins.  Discover more ideas on how to re-purpose things that “spark joy” in your life by reading Spark Joy by Marie Kondo.  (Selena’s current favorite read!) Based on personal experience this book is even more brilliant while drinking a cup of Anna Marie’s Teas! To view other gorgeous Tea Tin Vases visit The Ribbon in My Journal by Phyllis Hoffman.

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the little gold teapot

Anna Marie's Teas logoHello Tea Friends!

Happy Back to School day!  A day that has looked different for our family business over the past 22 years.  The opportunity to enjoy a new beginning with rejuvenated energy.  And with our retail brains we aren’t afraid to pretend it is officially fall. Permission to start looking ahead and dreaming of cinnamon, pumpkins, and cooler weather.

In addition to fall, we are super-duper looking forward to our new tea cans AND the new teashop location!   Although we can’t make the official announcement where the new location is just yet….it appears as though we might be a little closer to our original location when Anna Marie’s first opened in 1994!!

Through the years, our happy little gold teapot seemed to follow us where ever we went. Al hand-sketched the original gold teapot over 14 years ago one Saturday night after a big tea party.  We love the crooked lid and funny handle. Today, the updated happy gold teapot rests over hand-sketched drawings of a tea plant and beautiful herbals such as rooibos.  Sketched by a young graphic designer – who also happens to be a new mom. 🙂 We can’t wait to show off our new tea cans!

Stay tuned as we get closer to unveiling our new packaging and finalizing the new location.  Until then enjoy your own ‘back-to-school’ moment and toast a cup of tea to health and family!

history of the teapot


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