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Going Green!

Now that we are almost two months into the new year those resolutions can seem so far away! Many (like me!) are lucky if we get through the first two weeks let alone the first month. It can be hard trying to break old habits let alone start new ones. The good thing is it’s never too late to start over or augment what you are already doing. This year I had adopted the general (and perpetual goal) of “being healthier” but didn’t get off to a very encouraging start.

Cup of Soothing Green Tea

But I digress, back to the new year’s resolution. One of the subparts of my “being healthier” goal was to drink more green tea. I have always liked the less fermented sibling of traditional black tea, I use it in as many ways as I can! I love using it in soups and putting matcha in smoothies but I wanted to make an effort to drink more of it. I’m not generally too picky when it comes to greens, I love how versatile they are and that they take so well to re-steeping. Other than teas where the main note is some sort of perfume or scent (jasmine, rose, bergamot, etc just as a personal taste preference) it’s rare that I meet a green tea I don’t like. Also, as many of you may know, within the last six months I have moved to Atlanta, GA which means I am much too far away from my favorite teashop for my liking.

Luckily I was able to visit a couple times over the holidays and stocked up on lots of yummy teas and let me tell you, our little teashop has been stepping up it’s green game!

Historically my favorites have been the Cherry Green, Genmaicha, and, Lung Ching Dragonwell. I like a fruity green tea year round but also revel in the roasty-toasty nutty notes of Genmaicha come winter. But when I visited the shop during my trip home I was greeted by some shiny new labels in the green section. Gojiberry Green and Strawberry Green (decaf). Of course I didn’t leave without stocking up on an embarrassing amount of my staples but I also snagged a few ounces of each of the newcomers to give them a try. Folks, I’ve managed to make room in my heart for these two gems! The Gojiberry Green is just what I wanted from a berry/fruity green both hot and cold. Hot it’s a lighter take on some of my cold weather favorites, perfect for the transition to spring (let us hope that comes quickly) or just a nice break in the afternoon. However, its Strawberry decaf companion might be on its way to a place in my top three.

New Gojiberry Green

New Gojiberry Green

There’s just something about the taste of green tea that I find so soothing and calming but I could never drink it before bed as the caffeine would keep me up (I’m pretty caffeine sensitive). But this little jewel has reconciled these opposing wants! For those who have had our Strawberry Cream Green, I find the taste pretty similar. It has an even green base with a delicate touch of strawberry to finish. It’s perfect hot or cold!

I can’t wait for spring to finally arrive (it might even already have arrived in Atlanta) so I can sit on my porch and sip some of this wonderful brew with some fresh mint or basil!

If you’re someone who has hesitated when it comes to green tea or just haven’t found one you like I encourage you to give these a try! For now they are available in-store at our shop in Liberty, MO but we’ve got lots of other wonderful greens on our website (like my other two favorites Cherry Green and Genmaicha). Just remember, even if we can’t win the war of overhauling our lives to fulfill every new year’s resolution, it’s not too hard to incorporate the small things!


Happy Steeping,


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This ‘old house’ remembers her.

Private Event Space

Each guest received a gift reminding them of Virginia’s laughter at the Remembrance Event.

The historic home is beautiful, elegant and a very intimate private event space to celebrate your people, milestones, and unique celebrations.

343 W. Liberty Drive, where Monthly Themed Tea Parties are hosted as well as Private Event Space and Private Tea Parties.

Al and Brenda’s historic home, which we fondly refer to as ‘this old house’ has sheltered many people through all her years.  Just this past March a private Remembrance Event was hosted by a family who recently lost their mother.  A couple of years ago we hosted several cultural tea parties centered around learning about the home. We welcomed our guest speaker Juarenne Hester, a native of Historic Liberty, MO who provided intriguing history about the home.  The home was built in 1913 by a small family for $6,000!

Private Event Space in Liberty104 years later, ‘this old house’ is still offering her beautiful space to many families and friends who are celebrating those timeless moments.

Graduations, Baby Showers, Bridal Showers, and Weddings.

The Remembrance Event last month was a very special event for our family and ‘this old house’.  The family of Virginia Swieterman said good bye to their 89 year old mother in March of 2016.  In March of 2017 the family hosted a private event as they remembered their mother in so many wonderful ways and happy times.  The family called together one another and included close friends at a private tea called a Remembrance Tea Party.  Virginia was a lady known for bubbling joy, laughter, and loving others!  She also loved tea parties and attended our Monthly Tea Parties for about 12 years.  Over the years her daughter Carol brought Virginia along with many family and friends to share everyday life together. (and lots of yummy cups of tea!)  Oh, how we cherished hearing Virginia’s laughter over that cup of tea!

Private Event Space

Give Brenda a call at 816-863-5941 to discuss available dates and pricing for the Private Event Space or a Private Tea Party.

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Finally “on the square” – Woohoo!

Finally on the square

Thank you D’Agee Co & Florist for the beautiful welcome bouquet in our Gold Teapot!

Finally…on the Liberty Square! Last Saturday, was the Grand Opening for our little Tea Shop now located right on the square.

7 W. Franklin.  What a fun filled day of new and old tea friends.

Needless to say, after 22 years of shop keeping “just off the Square” it is quite exhilarating to Brenda as she now can say her shop is “on the Square”!  And it is also quite pampering to be able to “sneak up stairs” and have Alex and his Hammerhand Crew brew us up a cup of one of our own teas.  Out of the Anna Marie’s tea selections that Hammerhand carries Brenda says to be sure to try her favorite…Organic Genmaicha.

We hope you stop in soon to check out our new little Tea Shop then pop upstairs for a little tea-pampering at Hammerhand Coffee.  Be sure to check out more of our Grand Opening Photos on our Facebook Page.

Grand Opening

Love, love, love our welcome bouquet from our Tea Suspects!!



Amazing Tea Shop Hours

  • Tuesday 10-5
  • Wednesday 10-5
  • Thursday 10-4
  • Friday 10-6
  • Saturday 10-5
  • Open till 9pm each 4th Friday! 🙂

Grand Opening



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New Hours & New Location

We already know we have the best local customers in the world…so we couldn’t be more excited to finally share that YES we are expanding the Tea Shop Hours!smiley4

We will be closed a few short days while we are moving and setting up the new  little Tea Shop. (Street-side Tea Shop!) But, we get you…no one can mess with your mornings.  If you find yourself in a serious bind with your tea tin empty please email Selena and she will take care of you!  [email protected]

  • Feb 21 – open 10-4 at 124 S Terrace
  • Feb 22-24 – closed
  • Feb 25 – open 10-4 at new Tea Shop on the square

New Hours at 7 W. Franklin St ~ Liberty, MO 64068

  • Tuesday 10-5pm

  • Wednesday 10-5pm

  • Thursday 10-5pm

  • Friday 10-6pm

  • Saturday 10-6pm

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March Events at Anna Marie’s Teas

Anna Marie's Tea MugLots and lots of things happening at the Tea Shop in March!  Be sure to check out the Event Calendar for more information or to purchase tickets.

March 4 – Grand Opening at our New Location!  10-5pm 7 W Franklin St, Liberty, MO.  Super excited to be moving to our street side tea shop and back to our roots on Historic Downtown Liberty Square.  We are on the north east corner of Main and Franklin. Next door neighbors to Hammerhand Coffee and Casablanca Salon.  Join us on March 4 as we do our Free Monthly Tea Tasting.  Megan will be brewing some of our favorite tried-and-true Old-English inspirations such as Blackberry Mint Private Blend & Earl Grey Supreme; along with several light and floral-y tea blends such as Prince Henry Floral Melange and Lavender Lemon!
So, please pop in, say hello and take a peek at the new Tea Shop! Sampling will be from 10-5pm. Enjoy 10% off the featured sampling teas, too!

March 11 – Living Well with Essential Oils Workshop at 12:30pm. Come and join our small group essential oil workshop. Discover how therapeutic grade oils can make a difference in your daily self-care over a cup of delicious tea in a small group setting.

March 17 & 18 – A British Tea Party.  Sit, savor and drink in cups of rich premium black tea, milk and a tasty hand crafted traditional full tea menu. Always complete with crumbly scones topped with dollops of rich cream.  An evening British Tea on March 17 at 6:30pm and a morning tea on March 18 at 10:30am.Anna Marie's Gift Certificate


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New Tea Shop Location & Grand Opening


New Location and Grand Opening

New Tea Shop Location – March 4

Our little Tea Shop is moving to a cozy new location!

7 W. Franklin St – Liberty, MO 64068

New Hours /// Tuesday-Thursday 10-5pm /// Friday-Saturday 10-6pm

So excited and feeling very blessed to be returning to our roots – the Downtown Liberty Square. Truly a joy to once again be located and a part of the amazing Historic Downtown Merchants and Liberty Square. We say thank you to all the Small Business friends who have continued to embrace and support us these past 8 years while we have been off the square and busy inn-keeping! 🙂

Other than our Tea Shop moving EVERY other part of our tea business continues to be business-as-usual.

Historic homes seem be in this tea shop family tree – and we will surely miss this 1928 Dutch Colonial home. But, super excited to be moving to our street side tea shop on the north east corner of Main and Franklin. Next door neighbors to Hammerhand Coffee and Casablanca Salon.

Be sure to call 816-792-8777 or email us at [email protected] if you plan to visit the Tea Shop between Feb. 24-28. Now would be a great time to try out our Online Tea Ordering and take advantage of the Free Shipping or Free Delivery!

Can’t wait to see you at 7 W. Franklin St and be sure to read about our NEW HOURS!!

Anna Marie's Tea Mug

Historic Downtown Liberty since 1994


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Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

Valentine's Day Gift Guide

Feeling loved. And loving others.

After 22 years of being in the service world with 15 of those years immersed in the professional tea party business we have become pretty adept at reading people – especially when people feel genuinely appreciated and cherished.

Our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide is simple yet hand selected.  Crafted from our favorite times of people watching and witnessing when a friend really feels treasured.  The nature of tea is generous.  Friends listen and care for one another over tea.  It’s good for our bodies and a gift from nature.

So, take a moment to shop around the tea products and experiences in our Valentine’s Day Gift Guide. Something here for everyone. Valentine’s Day is about your loved ones.  Your family – grown from those closest to your heart.  Often times from different social and family circles.  We believe Valentine’s Day is a pretty important day.  The perfect opportunity to show those special people you have been blessed with just how much you treasure and cherish them!

  • NEW! Valentine’s Tea Bundle – $9.50, a trio of specially selected premium dark teas.  The best way to lavish your loved ones and favorite friends.  Dessert Teas just have a way of making one feel happy, extravagant, and no guilt!
  • 7 Days of Chocolate Tea Bundle – $25, premium rich dark teas paired with warm, creamy chocolate.  More than a sampler but a great way to enjoy a little cozy every day where ever you are.  According to EAT THIS, NOT THAT blog – splurging on a dessert tea instead of a dessert is a very good choice! And with 50+ cups of tea in this one bundle it’s a cozy+comfort gift that lasts all winter (or maybe all of February for your serious tea drinker!).You're My Cup of Tea
  • Treasure Thy Friend Tea Party – February 10 at 6:30pm or February 11 at 10:30am.  $26, Tucked in the middle of winter…our Valentine’s Tea is a blessing for circles of friends, family and loved ones to gather together and enjoy a little chocolate therapy. Warm and cozy – the tea cups will be full of tea and our hearts filled with good times.
  • *You’re My Cup of Tea!* – $12 Megan is at again with a super cute teashop gift!  Milk-white teacup & an ounce of chocolate tea all wrapped up with crystal cello & Valentine’s ribbon! Limited quantity only available in the teashop.
  • Night at the Inn – A stay-cation at the Teashop!  Enjoy the tea bar, dessert teas, and just a few blocks from delicious restaurants and shops in Historic Downtown Liberty.  Of course you must pop in at Hammerhand Coffee and order a cup of Anna Marie’s Genmaicha for an afternoon pick me up, or an Orange Spice Rooibos – Orange Metro, or a Masala Chai Latte made with Anna Marie’s Masala Chai.



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After Christmas Sale

Christmas Radko OrnamentsOn the First Day of Christmas…

Join our family in celebrating the 12 Days of Christmas.  Starting today through January 6 make each Day special!

Do something that makes every day a mini-joyful celebration!  A mini-joyful celebration could be inviting a friend over for a cup of tea or even as simple as pausing a moment and seeing the gift of today.  Often the best presents are just being present in the moment with the person you are with!

AFTER CHRISTMAS SALE!  Call in to place your order or stop by the Teashop.

40% Off of all the following:

  • Christmas Tea Cozies
  • Byers’ Choice Carolers
  • Byers’ Choice Trees – table top – perfect for villages and other Christmas Displays

Christopher Radko – buy 3 get 1 free!  Prices are either $10 or $15 per ornament

Hours:  Tuesday/Thursday/Saturday 10-4pm  – 816-792-8777 – [email protected]

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Apple Dumplings Recipe

Christmas Tea Bundle

Teas include Winter Apple Herbal, Cinnamon Almond, Christmas Bakery, Chocolate Pomegranate, Snowflake Black Tea, Red Velvet Rooibos, & Simply Peppermint

As we were planning for the Christmas Tea Parties I asked Brenda to sift through some of her favorite old recipe cards she grew up making on her family farm.  Apple Dumplings was the first recipe she chose.  A special recipe of grandmother Ida Gall.  A yummy vintage recipe loaded with precious memories.  I love the fact the old recipe card even says “serve warm with half and half”.  A hot messy delight for ANY apple lover, right?!?  Special holiday recipes seem to wrap us up at Christmas time.  Comforting flavors and rich fragrances.

Right now the teashop is wafting in sweet deliciousness.  In every nook and around every corner I’m smelling a touch of freshly scooped premium loose teas.  The Christmas Tea Bundle is the best gift for your money.   A great $25 gift that will brew over 50 cups of tea! Our brand new Winter Apple Herbal is in the bundle.  This herbal is so so tasty and the fragrance is divine.  Fruity, lightly sweet and chock full of comfort & cozy.  Now enjoy 15% site wide through this weekend!! Coupon code 15OFF

Apple Dumplings Recipe

from Ida Gall, Brenda’s Grandmother

  • 1/c cup shortening
  • 2 cups flour
  • 2 teaspoons baking powder
  • 1 teaspoon salt
  • 2/3-3/4 cup milk
  • 6 apples peeled and cored – tart apples are best!
  • 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/4 teaspoon cinnamon
  • 2 Tablespoons butter
  • dash of cinnamon and nutmeg
  • 1/2 cup brown sugar
  • 1/3 cup butter
  • 1 1/3 cups hot water

Combine flour, baking powder and salt.  Cut in shortening with pastry cutter.  Add milk and stir to form a ball.  Turn onto board, knead few times, roll to 1/8″ thick.  Cut into circles large enough to hold an apple.  Place apple on dough.

Combine cinnamon and sugar.  Fill cavity of apple with cinnamon and sugar mixture.  Dot with butter.  Close dough.  Place upside down in pan – not too close.  Bake at 450° for 15 minutes.  Decrease to 350° and bake till toothpick inserts easily into apple.  (about 45 minutes – your home will smell divine!)

Baste frequently with juices from the pan.  Sprinkle small amount of nutmeg and cinnamon on top.  Serve with milk or half and half while still warm from your oven!

Winter Apple Herbal

New Winter Apple Herbal

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Grandma Gunilda’s Taffy Recipe & Candy Making Night Tradition

Candy Making 2014

Making Turtles at Candy Making 2014

Christmas time was a special time on the Froetschner Farm in Kinsley, KS.  Brenda’s mother Gunilda had many old recipes and those hand written recipe cards are special just to pull out and enjoy!

Another fun tradition is Candy Making Night. Just a relaxed night of old fashion fudge, marshmallow fudge, pb fudge, and more.  The time when it is ok to pull out that crazy Pinterest photo and copy it with everyone’s help!  This Saturday night is this year’s Candy Making Night – and I still don’t know what I’m making.  Any suggestions?

Pulling Taffy was one of Brenda’s Froetschner Family favorites.  Taffy is one of those “get in there and get messy” recipes that is fun for all ages.  The Teashop Family held a Gingerbread House making contest last Christmas – maybe this year we should do a Taffy Pulling contest?

Gunilda’s Taffy Recipe

  • 1 1/2 cup sugar
  • 1/2 cup white corn syrup
  • 1/4 cup water
  • 1/2 teaspoon vanilla
  • 1/4-1/2 cup butter

Boil sugar, water, and butter to almost crack stage.  Stir in vanilla.  Pour onto a buttered pan and allow to cool enough to safely handle.  With buttered hands pull and pull and pull!  Taffy will turn in light in color with ready!

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