Tea & FlowersJasmine, Rose, Hibiscus.  Blooming flowers of summertime.  Beauty in the garden and tasty flavors in our cuppas! Next week, July 8-9 we look forward to our Fairies in the Garden Tea Party.  A party that shifts focus from just tea…to flowers & tea. Truly a joy to watch the innocent imaginations bloom as we take our Fairy Walk in Brenda’s Gardens!  Also, a good mid-way point of our year providing opportunity for mothers, grandmothers, and little ones a time to stop and ‘smell the roses.’

Lavender. Cornflowers. Sunflowers. Calendula (Marigolds). It is amazing how many of our premium loose leaf teas are carefully blended with flower buds and petals.  Blended in to add flavor and eye appeal.  The flower petals or buds are brewing right beside the tea leaves – opening up flavors and fragrance. Blooming flowers which soothes so many of our souls both inside and out.  Chamomile. Safflowers. Outdoors in the gardens and inside our cups of tea.

Flowering Herbs are also an important part of special premium loose leaf blends.  We offer several herbs that make great add-ins to flavor or enhance another tea such as Simply Peppermint and our newest – Stevia Leaves.   Loose leaves are brewed just like a tea.  The sweet liquid can be used as a healthy sweetener added to hot or iced teas.  Here’s a great list of other herbs and flowers on GardenKnowHow.com. The article includes brewing directions and even health benefits.  More Flower Power to you!

The Earth laughs in Flowers.  -Ralph Waldo Emerson