Frozen Tea CubesSummer-Time, Tea-Time, Soul-Time…

This month we are looking forward to our outdoor, relaxing-on-the-veranda Shabby Chic Porch Party.  Summertime really is a special way of drinking tea.  New flavors burst out when tea is poured over ice.  Chilled tea is a forgiving tea – not quite as demanding.  Easier to brew and one we don’t have to think about as those leaves unfold.  So summertime Tea Time really is more soul-time.  Slow down and brew up some iced tea to share.  Add some herbs.  Or yet…get creative with your cubes! Flavor combinations are endless.

Choose two flavors – make one into cubes and one into the drink.  As the ice melts the flavors will blend.  Be sure to buy your trays early and start freezing several batches of cubes.

When making the tea cubes brew the tea as normal and freeze in ice cube trays.  If you don’t have a lot of time or don’t want to make tons of frozen tea cubes you can double or triple the strength of the brewed tea.  Then pour into ice cube trays and freeze. (double or triple the amount of tea used – same amount of water) Then use one or two frozen tea cubes along with regular ice.

Frozen Tea Cube Flavor Combos:

  • Earl Grey Supreme cubes and Vanilla A La Creme black tea
  • Cream Tea cubes with Apricot black tea
  • Earl Grey La Creme cubes with Kenilworth Estate black tea
  • Blueberry Black Cubes with Strawberry Cream Green tea
  • For extra strong peach…Peach Tea Cubes with Peach Tea
  • Apricot Black Tea Cubes with Peach Apricot Honeybush