Fairies in the Garden Every July we have two days of super fun with little ones and fun fairies of all ages!  It’s sort of like planning and running a grand birthday party for all our guests.  The Fairy Tea Party is traditionally similar each year – 3 Fairy Crafts, A Fairy Tea Party with books, A Fairy Walk and few more fun fairy ideas.  One year we even celebrated someone’s 101st Birthday at our Fairy Party!

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Some years the girls enjoyed dancing in a Fairy Ring – other years have brought different silly fun ways to enjoy the imaginations of little ones (and even us older ones get a chance to have silly-fairy-fun, too!

Tinley and Cooper's Fairy House

Tinley and Cooper’s Fairy Houses

The inspiration to host an annual Fairies Tea Party was born from several different ideas. But, one idea came a darling book we read one summer called Fairy Houses by Tracy Kane.  A story about a little girl who spends the summer building a cozy fairy house in a nook of a tree.  The fairy house she built kept her imagination creating all summer long little things she could add to her fairy house.  Wren, Molly, and Haden had one summer building Fairy houses at a fishing cabin in Arkansas – and this year I was so excited to have my great niece and nephew – Tinley and Cooper join Wren and I in building their own fairy houses in the nook of that same old Arkansas tree.

2016 Fairies in the Garden Tea Party held on July 8 and 9 at 9:30 am.  Tickets are still available for both days – but order quickly!