Gift Giving GuideThe other day I caught a headline about a new type of shopping profile called “sport shoppers”.  The “sport shopper” has been identified as a person whose shopping habits are akin to an athletic competition!  A sport shopper will prepare ahead of time – researching store layouts, mapping their routes, strategically planning time, products, pricing and everything involved!

Sometimes it can feel like sport shopping when we are simply trying to choose the best gift for each person on our list…

When it comes to tea or a tea drinking lifestyle thinking through the personality of your recipient is helpful.  Where will they drink this tea?  Home or work?  Are they health conscience?  Adventurous and love to try new things?  A gift to say thank you in a big splashy way?  Or do you want to make part of their gift the journey of choosing what they want and how they want it?

  • On-the-Go gifts are perfect for someone who will brew and drink their tea at work.  Fillable Tea Bags (50 pockets for $7.95) or the Brewing Basket with handles ($9.95) makes brewing tea at the office easy with minimal clean up.  The Fillable Tea Pockets can even be filled at home and stored in a tin or air tight baggie.  Our $28 Scones and Tea Basket includes 50 Fillable Tea Bags, loose leaf tea choices, and a bag of scone mix.  A Mug Gift Set (or clear glass gift set) is also a perfect on-the-go gift!  The newest and possibly the cutest grab and go for 2015 is our Tea Bag Gift Tin. For no more cost per tin we can personalize the label for you!
  • Healthy Lifestyle Gifts are available and easy to choose from.  Our Matcha Gift Basket includes everything needed to start using Matcha Green Tea every day.  We also have a $25 Green Tea Sampler which includes 6 different green teas and a tea storage tin.  This same pack is also available in pink for our Breast Cancer Green Tea Sampler.  For the person who is caffeine free we recommend our Tea Lover Gift Basket tailored to only caffeine-free or decaf tea choices.  For the health conscience – yet on the go person?  You can’t beat our Matcha to Go single serving packets!!!!  For the health conscience cook or chef? Try our Cooking Grade Matcha.  This matcha is AMAZING – with a stronger flavor that works best in recipes.
  • Adventurous Personality Gifts  This is the person on your list always up to trying new things.  Loves to be surprised and probably has a love language that loves gifts!  We recommend our Tea of the Month Club.  Tailored around their unique tastes we send only teas we know they will enjoy.  After membership has been sent to them we do a small survey and set up their membership how and when they like it.  Each shipment arrives either monthly or bi-monthly.  4 ounces of premium loose leaf tea.  About 300 cups of tea – truly the gift that keeps on giving!  Another simpler version but one that we highly recommend is our Tea Collections.  About $25 each – each collection has been carefully selected among our most popular and well loved teas.
  • Splashy Thank You Gifts for the Administrative Assistant or babysitter that saves your day!   Or anyone who really deserves an extra big thank you.  All of our Tea Gift Baskets are custom made for you upon your order.  Our gift baskets are gorgeous as we finish them with our crystal cellophane, silver foil wrapped tea candies, and big French wired bow!
  • How they want it – when they want it Gifts  when you want to give the fun of the choosing or the perfect stocking stuffer, our Gift Certificates are perfect!  They never expire and can be emailed or mailed.  Starting at $10 up to $100.  Really, husbands…wives love this one!