Holiday Pick Me UpWell…here we are – nearing that last week before Christmas.  The holiday entertaining and events have been in full swing now.  Maybe you still have a few Christmas gifts left to find, purchase, and deliver.  Probably a holiday gathering to cook for or prepare a dish for.  Hmmm…or maybe you have two or three of those to complete.  And oh man…we want to fit in that cool Christmas light show before its too late!  Christmas programs at church and school. Add on top of all that what about those few minor Christmas decorations that you know you don’t have to do but you really wanted to do??

How are you doing?  Even do you feel?  How is the holiday preparations working for you? Probably more than a few of us are getting a bit draggy at this point of the month.  A little more run down and maybe even a little annoyed we can’t seem to sit down without our minds racing with our “To-Do” list!  I can’t fib.  I know I do.  Some days in this frolicking month of December it seems as though I wake up in the morning with the afternoon cobwebs already being woven!  You know that feeling in the late afternoon when you need an extra pick me up to clear the mind and wake up?

Well here at the Teashop this is when the three of us tea ladies kind of get “back to the basics”.  Those basics of tea that aren’t all that fancy sounding on the outside but we know will not only make us feel good but will make us feel fantastic, alert and ready for the next round of fun.  Each one of us has our favorite basics but they all have a few things in common.  The teas are basic,  premium, and give us a small amount of caffeine!

So if you are feeling a big draggy and your holiday oomph is sagging consider a cup or two of good premium tea.  Doing this just for yourself will help you slow you down for just a moment.  Brewing premium leaves takes only a few minutes – yet is a ‘slow’ food not a fast food.  In a matter of minutes a hot cup of tea can take you from Saggy Draggy to Alert and Awake!  Plus, if you reach for a green tea you receive the added benefit of more L-theanine.  An amino acid that literally peacefully calms you down just as the tea wakes you up with a nice little dose of caffeine.  No jitters here.

So, give your self a little R & R in a cup.  Reach for a cup of healthy premium tea and start enjoying the season again!