Cherry Black Iced TeaWelcome to Summer – Iced Tea Friends!

Here in our Anna Tea Shop tea world we often anticipate the seasons as different flavors rather than changing weather.  With the calendar firmly planted in June our highly trained taste buds already crave our yummy fruit teas and tisanes.  Welcome Iced Tea-Time!

A Tea Bar is one of those almost-too-easy ways of turning any gathering into memorable party.  Herb Iced Tea and Frozen Tea Cubes are simple yet super fun ways to jazz up your Tea Bar.  Mix and match tea flavors with your menu and don’t be afraid to try just about any combination.  One reason so many people brew and enjoy iced tea is that it is easy and the minute details of the traditional perfect cup of tea simply fade away as that tea is generously poured over the ice cubes.

Build-your-own-Tea Bar:

A couple of weeks ago we hosted our Girl Graduated party.  We rented a tent, hung lights, and used our real vintage Shabby Chic tablecloths.  We kept the menu pretty simple yet we had so much fun with it!  With the help of the amazing world of Pinterest we created our own version of a Burger Bar, Popcorn Bar, Grandma’s Dessert Bar, and of last but not least – our Tea Bar.  My tea bar consisted of two beautiful glass drink dispensers – one held chilled Strawberry Cream Green and the other chilled Peach Apricot Honeybush.  Mini chalkboard with twine hung from the lid (Hobby Lobby) with the tea names, a vintage style diner sugar holder (Dollar Tree). All set out on a red and white checkered table cloth.  A Tea Bar can be as simple or as extravagant as you want.  Just start with a few of your favorite flavors.  Shop our Best Selling Iced Tea Blends and let your wheels start working!