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I hope you are all well after the holiday season and were able to cherish time with family and friends! One of our Teashop resolutions for 2017 is to feature a tea every month spreading the word about some hidden gems in our collection. That said, I’m pleased to announce that the featured Tea of the Month for January 2017 is our Lung Ching (Dragon Well) green tea!  Don’t miss this month’s Green Tea Chicken Soup Recipe!

This tea has a lovely golden liquor with a slightly vegetal but also warm and nutty taste. It’s the perfect starter green tea for those of you looking to add some healthy habits to your routine in 2017. Brewing varies a little from the traditional black tea. For the best flavor, most green teas should be brewed between 170-185⁰F for 2-3 minutes to avoid bitterness.  Stop by ANY Saturday in January to sample Lung Ching Dragon Well.

Health Benefits:  Green tea is widely renowned for its various health benefits and is also called the tea of 1001 properties.

Green Tea can aid in many things including cardiovascular health, liver function, stress relief, and focus. These are in addition to all of the wonderful antioxidants that are found in tea to begin with! Lung Ching (which can be directly translated as Dragon Well) is especially good for clearing the mind and promoting focus. It is used by monks for this purpose specifically!

Cooking with green tea also makes an excellent way to flavor a broth.  A Green Tea Broth is sure to add a slightly savory, nutty flavor…that little something extra to your next soup, rice, or pasta dish! You can either replace the water entirely with freshly brewed tea or add a smaller portion for an added dash of flavor. Marinades and salad dressings are also a great way to incorporate green tea into your meal by simply substituting all or a part of the liquid for green tea. No matter how you choose to enjoy your Lung Ching, it is still perfect for a wonderfully comforting and cozy afternoon cuppa on a chilly day.

Are you new to green tea or are curious about what else is out there? Then you’re in luck! Check out our Tea-Tasting Tea Party on January 21st. The morning session has sold out but there are still plenty of spots for your tasting pleasure at 2:30pm.  Don’t miss our new Living Well Series in 2017.  Kicking off in January 28 with Living Well with Matcha & Green Tea.

We would love to see you at the Tea-Tasting Tea Party and share a variety of teas with you along with hand-paired treats! Or pop into the Teashop any Saturday of January to sample the Lung Ching Dragon Well.

Happy Sipping!


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