Meet Joyce

Joyce with Kayla her “granddaughter of the heart”

Joyce King Vazquez.  On our Teashop List of our “favorite things” Joyce is right there in the teashop song and in our family’s hearts!!  Delightful, spunky, loving, caring, compassionate.  These words barely touch the tip of the iceburg and seem almost trivial when describing our Joyce.  She is a woman after God’s heart and her passion to love and care for people move mountains.

Just as I am writing this post (no kidding) Joyce phones the Teashop to order “her teas”.  She has two favorites and blends them together to create her own favorite.  This special “Joyce Blend” she shares with neighbors, church family, and probably anyone who will stop and enjoy a cup.  Her cup is full of love and health!

This is Joyce’s story.  When I invited her to share her testimony I told her to only share the short version.  We are excited to invite Joyce to a Green Tea workshop someday – where everyone can hear a little more.  From her own heart and soul.

“My name is Joyce King-Vazquez and here is my story of what I think about the effects of consuming green tea, has had on my recovery and  continued maintenance of nourishment I require to feel good every day and to thank God for letting me live to tell my story.

In September of 2004 I was diagnosed with Stage 4 Throat Cancer. This was followed by 2 surgeries to locate where exactly the cancer was. They found out it was where my tonsils should be. Then came 6 1/2 weeks of Radiation and Chemo therapy.  After all of the treatment I was alive, (which I was told they didn’t expect me to survive), I started the long road to recovery (that would tell whether the treatment was effective).  My step daughter (Yvonne) was fighting her own battle with stage 4 breast cancer) called me and suggested I try all of the antioxidant foods drinks, etc.  I could find to build up my body, because I have no immune system in my body to guard against any virus that would make me even more ill.  Yvonne told me about all of the good antioxidants in green tea. I of course bought the bags of green tea. I added a black tea to the green tea and was very happy to find out it replaced after awhile my coffee craving.  Then sometime later I found Anna Tea Shop.

Earlier in my life, I had drank some really wonderful Chinese teas and remembered the effect it had on my energy level and just a warm wonderful feeling every time I drank it.  I went to Anna Teashop and purchased Mountain Mao Feng (Chinese green tea) and Golden Pu-Erh (a premium black Chinese tea). The first cup of the green and black tea answered all of my cravings for coffee and I have noticed how it boosts my energy level even more than before.  This has helped with my oxygen level. I have COPD and have difficulty keeping my oxygen level up.

What I am about to tell you cannot be claimed by your doctor, but I can tell you what I can be very excited about…

After I had been on my Chinese green and black teas for about a month, I had my three month visit with my doctor.  While checking my lungs and oxygen my  doctor did a happy dance!  He ask what I had been doing differently since I last saw him. I ask him why, the doctor said to me “Your oxygen level hasn’t gone over 87%, today it registered 98%.”  I told him the only thing I had been doing differently was using the tea I had purchased from Anna Tea Shop.  He told me I could not make that claim medically, which I knew, but I can make that claim because that was the only thing  that I had  done differently since I last saw him!”