Midwest Tea FestPeople love their affinities.  Call us hobbyists, collectors, or connoisseurs.  Affinities encompass – the accouterments, pursuit of, hidden treasures, and sharing & expanding of knowledge.  We enjoy our affinities and the satisfaction that comes with a shared experience with others who have the same affinity as our own.   That satisfying place where we can say “Yes, these are my people!”

Tea Drinkers…come and find your people on Saturday, May 7.  The 2nd Annual Midwest Tea Fest.  Kansas City’s very own shared affinity for all things ‘Tea-ing‘ in the Midwest.  How we drink our tea, why we drink tea, the accouterments,  tea sippings, and simply connecting with others who share your affinity for tea.

All types of tea, all types of tea drinking life styles, all types of people.  The tea community – gathered together in one place sharing the experience of “tea-ing” in Kansas City.

The Teashop Family is excited to be a part of this amazing event in Kansas City!  We will be in our Anna Tea Shop booth sampling 20 of our favorite teas through out the day.  Look for Brenda over at the Cafe Tea Tastings and Two special Tea Presentations.  We look forward meeting new faces and embracing old tea friends.  A place where we say “Yes.  These are my people”.

Anna Tea Shop’s Presentations:

Flavoring Your Tea Naturally at 1:00PM and Lifestyles of “Tea-ing” in America at 3:00PM.

2016 Midwest Tea Fest