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Brewing Basket Medium is the best tea infuser available, according to Sarah, teashop girl and our in house brew master.  The durable stainless steel mesh paired with heat-durable handles allows this brewing basket to work with a lot of different sized brewing vessels.  Whether you brew four cups of tea or one cup of tea the handles hold your leaves up not allowing tea leaves to escape into the water.

Tea leaves do vary a lot in size which needs to be considered. But, this tea brewing basket with handles medium size works well for 4 cups or less.

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Brewing Basket Medium is our first choice in tea infusers. We offer two sizes of Tea Brewing Basket with Handles. A eco-friendly and “green” choice as it is completely reusable.  Honestly, once you have one you never need anything else to brew whole leaf tea in. The basket will fit mugs, cups, and up to 4 cup teapots.  Durable stainless steel with heat-tolerant plastic frame. We just rinse ours – naturally tea stains. Dishwasher safe.

A larger size of this exact same tea brewing basket with handles is also available.  Our Tea Brewing Basket Large size will hold tea leaves for a large 5-8 cup teapot.

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