Cocoa Coffee Black


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A mouthwatering brew full of smooth cocoa and whole coffee beans! The perfect brew for a coffee lover, rich dark chocolate lover or a coffee lover looking for something new.

1 ounce of tea makes about 10 cups of brewed tea!

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Cocoa Coffee Black; perfect for a coffee lover, a rich chocolate lover or one trying to break from coffee! Whole coffee beans and rich cocoa pieces meet a smooth black and Pu-Erh tea mix. The silky cocoa overtakes the harsh bite to create a smooth and mouthwatering brew.

Flavored Teas whether they be green, black, or other varieties of tea are all from the same camellia sinensis bush. The whole tea leaves blend and nestle with real fruits, herbs, spices. Essential oils or essence of flowers and fruits also make an appearance. This blending results in a change of flavor to the tea leaf. Creating a delightful and inspiring challenge to the taste buds. Almond Coconut Black Tea smells and tastes just like a sweet almond butter cookie.

Black tea comes from the camellia sinensis bush. Black tea leaves are fully oxidized and produce a deep rich body, full flavor brew with a beautiful amber color. In contrast to green tea which does not go through the oxidation process. Consistently green tea has a much quieter flavor of tea.

During the oxidation process, oxygen comes in contact with the enzymes inside the tea leaf. This contact produces wonderful deep flavors. The flavor of each black tea varies depending upon the region in which the tea grows, weather conditions, and then finally the preparation of the tea

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