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Empty Tea Bags that are Fillable Tea Bags.  A great way to travel with your favorite tea time.  Never leave home without it and never settle for anything but the best the next time you order tea at a restaurant.  Simply scoop one or two perfect cup of teaspoons into the bag.  Fold and go.

Our fillable tea bags are also if you are used to the convenience of a tea bag but want the superb flavor of loose leaf tea.  50 Bags, bleach and adhesive free.

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Convenience for the home, office, or traveling.  Our Fillable Tea Pockets also make up into great party favors or mementos.  About 5 oz of loose leaf tea will fill one box of Tea Pockets.  The perfect solution to loose leaf tea with a disposable tea bag.
Simply fill bag with your favorite loose leaf tea. Brew tea as normal. Discard the tea bag when finished. 50 count. Bleach free and adhesive-free.

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