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This classic Formosa Oolong comes from the Island of Formosa. Brown in color and oxidized to farthest degree of the oolongs.  It requires repeated wilting and shaking to arrive at the perfect state. Dark rich, roasted liquor.

Depending upon tea leaf size, 1 oz of tea brews about 8-10 cups of tea.

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1tsp1808ozwaterOur Formosa Oolong is a classic and comes from the Island of Formosa in China. Falling between a green and black tea, an oolong tea has a full flavor unto its own. The aroma is more delicate than black tea yet more powerful than a green tea. Semi-oxidized when processed – an oolong can be light and fragrant such as a green oolong or deep and roasted known as a dark oolong. This variance will depend on the variety of “tea plant, where it is grown, and the process by which the tea maker follows.

Oolong, pronounced “wulong” literally means “black dragon”. These tea leaves can and should be brewed and enjoyed several times with each cup offering different aromas and flavors. Some people enjoy their oolong tea leaves the most upon their 3 or 4 brewing.

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