Lemon Melon Green


Fruity & Fresh! Notes of watermelon and lemongrass come alive in this premium green tea blend. Perfect to drink iced, or hot for spring!

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Lemon Melon Green has an enticing fragrance of sweet, sparkling fruit! But, it doesn’t stop there. The butterfly blue pea flower imparts a blue color in the cup when steeped in hot water! Try adding a drop of lemon to enhance the lemon notes, and change the color!

Green tea, blue pea flowers, yellow pomelo cubes, lemongrass and watermelon flakes bring alive a juicy watermelon & intense lemon flavor.

Green teas are also from the camellia sinensis bush just like black tea; how ever the leaves are not fermented. The leaves are roasted, rolled and then fired. Roasting kills off the enzymes responsible for oxidation and the heat makes the leaves soft and flexible ready for various shapes.

In the news and all over we continue to hear about the health benefits of green tea. From healthy metabolism, healthy cells, clarity of mind and much more. Health benefits of green tea are many and the research behind the benefits are abundant. We appreciate hearing from our own customers and their personal stories. Witnessing to the green tea benefits for daily health, battling illness, and their own doctors’ recommendations to daily consume green tea.  Try any green tea hot or iced.

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