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Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend is an award-winning black tea blend from India.  Full bodied, brisk flavor, that does not cloud easily.  Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend maintains a rich strong flavor. Winner of the Iced Tea Competition, World Tea Expo, 2005.

Drinking Recommendationsfor Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend: Add sugar, lemon, and fresh mint leaves for your afternoon pick-up.  Depending upon tea leaf size, 1 oz of tea brews about 8-10 cups of tea.

Handy trick when brewing iced tea – If your iced tea turns cloudy add a little bit of boiling water to the brew.  Your tea will turn back to crystal clear in a matter of seconds!

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Brewing Instructions for Nilgris Iced TeaNilgiri Iced Tea Blend is an award-winning black tea blend from India.

Full bodied flavor with mellow notes, Nilgiri’s brisk brew does not cloud easily when chilled.  Winner of the Iced Tea Competition, World Tea Expo, 2005.  Nilgiri Iced Tea Blend consistently maintains a brisk strong flavor even as it cools over ice.

There are several different methods to brewing the perfect pitcher of iced tea.  Often times we will brew our tea strong the night before, chill overnight in the refrigerator then serve over ice.  Nilgiri Ice Tea Blend does well with this method.  A cold brew method is also a handy way to brew.  Similar to sun tea but safer by brewing cold overnight in the refrigerator.   Here is  quick recipe for making one gallon of ice tea.

Black tea is the well known and highly appreciated form of tea from the camellia sinensis bush. Black tea leaves are fully oxidized and produce a deep body, full flavor brew with a beautiful amber color. In contrast to green tea which does not go through the oxidation process. Consistently green tea has a much quieter flavor than black tea.

During the oxidation process, oxygen comes in contact with the enzymes inside the tea leaf. This process is the way in which the tea leaves produce wonderful deep flavors. Every black tea flavor varies depending upon the region in which the tea plant grows, weather conditions, and then finally the preparation of the tea leaf.

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