Strawberry Basil with Elderflower


Strawberry Basil with Elderflower Herbal is the perfect rainy day blend! From fruits to lemon grass and a hint of basil, this tisane is perfect to cozy up with or try it iced for a refreshing take!

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Just in time for Spring & Summer, Strawberry Basil with Elderflower has arrived! Enjoy fresh apple, pineapple, rose hip peel, lemon grass, fennel and melissa leaves, butterfly pea flowers and pink cornflower blossoms finished with basil.

Brewed as long as history herself remembers herbals have been gathered, enjoyed, and trusted. Herbs, flowers, berries, fruits, & spices are among the many ingredients that are entrusted inside the herbal world.

An herbal tea can consist of a single ingredient or blended together with many. The herbal tea is brewed similar to the the tea plant and is sometimes referred to as a “tisane” or “herbal brew”. Typically herbals do not contain caffeine. Berry Pear Herbal is our blend of strawberry, pear and apple cubes. Full of health and free of caffeine!

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