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Gunmetal Grey & perfect for the “on the go” tea lover. Each tin holds roughly 1 ounce of loose leaf tea!

Available on backorder

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The perfect “little tin” to accompany you on any trips, travels or just for on the go! This gunmetal grey colored tin holds roughly 1 ounce of loose leaf tea.
A best seller in the tea shop! Grab a couple for your next adventure, you shouldn’t have to sacrifice your premium loose leaf, instead bring it with you!

Freshness of your premium loose tea depends upon the storage container. Our Large Tea Tin is a great size and a great way to store your tea. The Large Tea Tin hold approximately 4 oz. of loose leaf tea. And we do mean approximately simply because tea leaves come in such a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

Helpful Guidelines in Storing Premium Loose Leaf Tea

Always store in a dark container.
Lid should be air-tight.
Store away in an area without a lot of temperature changes. Ex. Not above the stove.
Storing in the freezer or refrigerator will not enhance the shelf life. Our fresh premium loose leaf tea will last for months when stored properly.
If you are ordering tea inside the tea tin you will receive the full weight of your tea order.

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