Pumpkin Pie LattePumpkin Pie Tea Latte

One of our family’s Fall Favorites!  The perfect hot beverage for an autumn pick-me-up for just “one” or make a whole pot and share with friends.  We love this brewed strong with either Pumpkin Spice Tea or Masala Chai.  The key is brewing it strong so all those yummy spices are coming out. We use extra spoonfuls of tea rather than brewing for a longer time.  Brewing your tea leaves for longer then the recommended time could result in a bitter brew.

Make a pot of the tea or chai by following the brewing instructions for making the chai or tea.  Be sure to add those extra spoonfuls of tea.

Stir in sweetened condensed milk or “honey milk” to your taste.  Typically about a teaspoon or less in 1 mug or a little more in a whole pot.  But, add or subtract as you wish.  Drizzle the “honey milk”, stir, pour, relax and enjoy!