Anna Marie's TeasWe have a serious announcement to make…Anna Marie’s Teas / Anna Tea Shop is expanding our tea business!

Currently the teashop family is a developing a line of teas packaged in tins with custom labels.  Our teas will soon be found not only on our own shelves but also in other specialty stores.
We will continue to package and sell our tea in our bags from a single ounce up to our bulk packaging of 1/2 pound and 1 pound great pricing.  We also look forward to offering more tea tastings and workshops.  And of course continue to enjoy our themed tea parties, tea friends, and the connections made over those bottomless cups of tea.  Our close friendships with each of you are very important to us and will continue by helping you select teas by sight, smell and taste.
Selling the Terrace Avenue Inn will provide us more time to showcase tea lines.  Beginning with our organic teas.  Broadening our lines yet focusing even more on organic, fair trade and sustainable farming teas.  We have so much to offer and look forward to offering more.
The new location of our tea shop will be announced a little later.   We are not going far (not far AT ALL!) and in the meantime just continue ordering and coming by.  We are still open Tues/Thurs/Sat from 10-4.
For more information about the specifics of the Terrace Avenue Inn, the building or to request a Business Outlay Click Here or give Brenda a call at 816-792-0418.

So, right now we just thank you from the bottom of our hearts for being so good to us.  We are here with plenty of tea ready for you and ready to ship!  Please excuse us if we act a little distracted (Selena already shipped out the cordless shop phone packed in a tea shipment headed for Mississippi!) and please drink lots and lots and lots of tea!!! 🙂