Ginger Green

Ginger Green

It all boils down to quality.

Premium loose leaf tea is the whole leaf.  Inside each whole leaf is a large amount of flavor ready to slowly unfurl.  Teabags,  unless premium, are typically the broken leaves, dust or fannings.  The depth of flavor of whole premium leaf tea is unsurpassed.

  • Tea bags from broken leaves, dust or fannings have more surface to lose the essential oils that create the depth of flavor.  Usually handled in large bulk quantity with little consideration of leaf handling and how this effects depth of tea flavor.
  • Whole leaves absorb water through the leaves and expand.  Doubling or tripling in leaf size.  The water extracts a wide range of vitamins, minerals, aromas, and sophisticated flavors.  Many of these benefits are lost on broken leaves, fannings, and dust.
  • Premium loose leaf whole tea can be cheaper per cup price because of this flavor depth.  The amount of tea needed to brew may be decreased to still create the “good cuppa” tea and quite often can be used for more than one brewing!

Our teas are whole leaves – not broken leaves, dust or fannings.  Our tea leaves produce incredible depth of flavor.

The process by which one brews loose leaf tea in and of itself encourages one to slow down, savor the moment and of course savor the tea leaf.